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I have hailed from the ashes
Yet, why do I feel like this?
I guess I’m still stuck somewhere
Maybe I long for someone?
For someone that will never come.

What a daft thought it is
Hailing from the ashes like a phoenix?
But I’m as broken as ever.
Take my heed for I will rise over and over again.

Still wishing you well and loving you still.
Do not pity for I am strong and does not need it.
Take care and know that I am here.
I have hailed from the ashes and writing this BS.

Rant of the Pieces of The Heart

They say that “Letting Go” is hard, so how much harder is it to “Hold On”? Hold on to someone that repeatedly showed you, in every way except in person that holding on is pointless. Even if you tried your best, tried to give everything and show how much you are worth it. But a long time ago that someone has already given up on you without you knowing. You got clueless and thought that, yeah things are a bit rocky right now but in the end you’ll both work it out. But in reality the other half already let go and suddenly everything got better for that half, everyone around him became happy because you are no longer THAT other HALF. While your world suddenly shattered and you started second guessing yourself. Cried a lot and is still crying up to this point.

Still you want the best for that half that you dreamed of to be with, an answered prayer but is no longer.

Anyway THAT other HALF learned to be stronger, not put up with crap and any bullshit. Even trying to be kinder. Trying to focus on something else but one thing is for sure, THAT other HALF, THIS other HALF continues to love the half that has left. Unconditionally loved him since the beginning…

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